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Towing right – why experience really counts

By texaswrecker June 22, 2017

You don’t need 50 years of towing experience, like us, to be good at something. Of course, it certainly helps to put us a cut above the rest! You do, however, need a nice amount of experience in order to become ‘expert’ at something. Simply put, the more you do something, the better you get at it.

In the towing industry, experience really counts. In this line of work, when you get it wrong, you really get it wrong! And there’s so much that can go wrong and go wrong fast! This is why becoming an expert in the field is mandatory not just for professional reputation, but for valued customers to be able to trust that reputation is well-earned.

Want to see how wrong things can go? Here are some examples to highlight the sentiment:

A little more foresight would have saved extra damage on this semi.

Being that extra bit careful in extreme weather conditions is so important. Thankfully, the tow truck driver survived this accident but with serious injury.

This tow truck driver definitely gets the Dunce cap!

There are so many considerations to make when towing and not all of them are so obvious. All have potential to do so much extra damage to the vehicle being towed. What it all comes down to is who you, as a customer, would trust to get you out of a sticky situation. In the more than 50 years that Texas Wrecker has been on the tows, there is nothing we haven’t seen! Sure, in the beginning, some 53 years ago, we might have made a mistake or two that we learned a harsh lessons from. Nowadays, with a half-century of experience to draw from, we get it right no matter what the situation throws our way!



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