Towing right – why experience really counts

You don’t need 50 years of towing experience, like us, to be good at something. Of course, it certainly helps to put us a cut above the rest! You do, however, need a nice amount of experience in order to become ‘expert’ at something. Simply put, the more you do something, the better you get […]
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Tour Buses Service George West Tx

Do you know how to drive defensively?

While we’d all like to think that we are safe, responsible drivers, there is often some room for improvement. Defensive driving is the name given to a proactive style of driving that is geared more towards anticipation of potential hazards. Below is a brief run-down of areas of defensive driving that you might not have […]
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Help! I was in a car accident. What do I do now?

Help! I was in a car accident.  What do I do now? STEP 1:  Call your insurance company to file a claim.  Call or email the Claim # to us asap. STEP 2:  An insurance adjuster will inspect your car at our VSF (vehicle storage facility) to determine if your car is either “repairable” or “totaled.” […]
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