“It’s a shame I can’t give you ten stars!!!! I’ve read the great reviews here and now I will add my own. It’s not so much a comment on their towing but on their customer service. I have a long story but will try to keep it short so you don’t fall asleep. My daughters truck was towed earlier in the month. She has had a bad month after discovering she’ll need ANOTHER open heart surgery and things just haven’t been going well for her at work. I called Texas Wrecker today to ask about getting her truck back and talked to a lady named Norma. Norma was great! She was friendly and helped me more than I can say but the cost to recover the truck was more than me or my daughter could afford. We talked a little more then the conversation took an unexpected turn. I mentioned I was a disabled Vietnam vet and that it was agent orange that likely caused my disability. I live on my disability check alone and believe me, it’s not much. What hurts more than the disability is the fact that I make so little money my kids can’t turn to me when they need help. Maybe Norma sensed this…I don’t know… but she said she wanted to talk to her boss about something and that she would call me back. A few minutes later, my phone rang and ti was Norma. She said she had talked to her boss and they would cut my bill to a manageable amount. I was floored! I don’t know if either of them know what we put up when we came back from Vietnam. We were told not to wear our uniforms in public and the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise had buckets of paint dropped on her flight deck as she passed under the Golden Gate Bridge. Vietnam vets to this day greet each other with a fist bump and the words “Welcome Home Brother”. A greeting we never received from the public. Texas Wrecker Service has given me that fist bump today and made this vets life a lot brighter in a bad time. As I found out today, thank you’s can never come too late. You have no idea what this means to us. To every one at Texas Wrecker Service I offer a heartfelt thank you from my daughter and myself. It proves to me that compassion is alive and well in Corpus Christi. May God bless you all!!!” – Heather Devlin. 

“Best towing shop in texas” – Lewis Villanueva.

“Great company and really wonderful people.” – Gene Santos.